Haitian-Americans set to raise $100.000 for Congressman Gregory Meeks

For the past ten U.S. presidential and legislative elections, Haitian-Americans have been visible on the American political scene either by voting, donating to campaign, conducting the get out the vote program, or through community engagement. However, unless other ethnic groups like the Cubans who have been benefiting from various American immigration policy especially the Wet Foot Dry Foot, the Haitian diaspora has not receive the attention they deserve from American Lawmakers, high profile candidates, and American community leaders.

Therefore, it is paramount for Haitian immigrants in the United States to take overdue actions to grow their political value to become an attractive political force in American politics and local governments.

To achieve this, the Haitian Diaspora Political Action Committee (HDPAC) is organizing a virtual fundraiser on 14 July at 6hPM to raise $100.000 for Gregory Meeks.

Congressman Meeks is one of the most influential American Congressional Representatives in Haiti dealings. He supports law and order in Haiti. He continues to push for better governance and fair elections in Haiti. He influences the Biden administration’s decision to redesignate TPS for Haiti.

HDPAC is inviting all Haitian-American and legal residents to donate as low as $25. Our contribution will strengthen our voice, boost our leverage on foreign discussions toward shaping Haiti’s governance and sovereignty, reinforce our relations with Washington, D.C., and place us in a position to influence American foreign policy to Haiti.

The fundraiser for Gregory Meeks is sponsored by Mr. Gregory Coffy (Esq), Dr. Georges J. Casimir, Dr. Karl Latortue, Dr. Fritz Fils-Aimé, Dr. Odilon Célestin, Mr. Bobb Rousseau, PhD and several other members of the Haitian Diaspora.

Your donation to Congressman Gregory Meeks and other lawmakers the PAC will support will contribute to Haiti political sustainable development. HDPAC is committed to raise money for all lawmakers who understand the Haitian struggle and who are champion the Haitian fight against mass murders, food insecurity, gang proliferation, corruption, human rights violations.

HDPAC does not handle any money. All donations go directly to the Candidate via Act Blue. For more information about this fundraiser or to obtain the zoom link, please contact us at 202-508-3397, info@hadpac.org or go to www.hdpac.org.

Haitian immigrants in the United States can donate anytime online or by check if they cannot attend the event on July 14th. HDPAC requests that all Haitian immigrants who believe that the diaspora has the power and the will to influence American immigration policy to Haiti to visit the HDPAC website to view their event calendar for future fundraisers.

Bobb Rousseau, PhD                            HDPAC
Interim Head of the Marketing and Political Literacy Committee