BLUME Haiti: Celebration of 10th Anniversary with high notes!

Blume Haïti did it again!
On Saturday, February 6th, 2023, Blume Haiti commemorates its 10th anniversary with a select group of Haitians and friends at the Haitian Cultural Center in Miami – Little Haiti.

Mr. Fritz Valescot, General Supervisor of the Dessaix-Baptiste Music School (well known in Jacmel Haiti), was very thankful for the support of the Blume organization allowing his music school and Foundation to operate over the years by financially supporting the very gifted students. Mr. Valescot felt that the Haitian government should have been the main sponsor to strengthen such initiatives; unfortunately, things have been getting from bad to worse in our beloved Country.

Mr. Ricardo Lesperance, Blume Haiti Board Chair, has been very inspiring with uplifting and positive words about his parents’ teachings. He also mentioned the vital role that education had played in his endeavors and the management of the tasks at hand.

Maryse Penette-Kedar, a strong supporter of Blume Haiti, cheered up all the wonderful people working together to elevate this organization. While being thankful, she also proffered some kind words about the transparency of the management of Blume Haiti, knowing that every penny was always spent wisely.

The entire event, though succinct, has been a chilling moment with lots of emotions, sincerity, and harmony. The pieces of music played during the program, had left the audience with a sort of antinomy: the experience of felicity and motherland nostalgia.

The following partners made this event possible:

Maryse Pénette-Kedar
Edouard Duval-Carrié
Ariel Dominique
Meredith Saskia Stark
Ann Keush
New World Symphony & Royal Caribbean Group.

The Mission of Blume Haiti is to “Work with Haitian and International partners to develop leadership skills, awaken individual potential, and create opportunities for civic collaboration and economic development through the shared pursuit of musical excellence.”