Haitian American Diaspora Council (HADIC) Denounces the Continuation of Grossly Flawed US Foreign Policy to Haiti by Recycling of Kenneth Merten as US Charge d’Affaires to Port-au-Prince


[Miami, FL]—October 17, 2021-
HADIC and the Haitian American Community at-large do not support the nomination of former US Ambassador to Haiti, Kenneth Merten, as the new US Charge d’Affaires in Haiti. This appointment continues the total disrespect to the Haitian People of US policymakers. As such, we advise all legitimate political parties, Haitian civil society, the religious and Vaudou sectors, to not initiate or participate in any dialogue with K. Merten, the Core Group, BINUH, and the Ariel Henry government.

This return of Mr. Merten in Haiti’s politics proves the Biden Administration doesn’t understand the political value of the Haitian Diaspora. It also demonstrates that American policymakers are lousy students of history. Such negligence will result in the Democratic Party paying a hefty price at the next U.S elections in which the Haitian-American electorate will simply not vote en masse the Democratic ticket as they typically do.

The recent Haitian migrant debacle at the US Texas – Mexico border is the flagrant result of Kenneth Merten’s own past doings when he, as the US State Department appointee with the complicity of OAS and the Core Group, overturned the will of the Haitian people by handpicking Michel Martelly as the president of Haiti in 2011. His action, aggressively facilitated the disastrous ten year record of the PHTK regime including and not limited to, corruption and the dilapidation of the PetroCaribe Fund, proliferation and federation of armed gangs, kidnappings, multiple massacres, internal population displacements, rapes and mass exodus toward several neighboring countries in the western hemisphere.

We, the Haitian-American community, protest and reject with all our strength this nomination. We advise the Biden administration to rescind the nomination of Mr. Merten because such an appointment is an ongoing reminder of US foreign policy being disrespectful to Haiti’s rule of law. While we recognize the US needs a top representative in Haiti, Mr. Merten himself is a blatant personification of what has made Haiti a failed state today..

Ex US special envoy Daniel Foote has said out loud to the public what we as a community have been saying for a longtime. “There has never been an election in Haiti but only selection by the State Department.” For whatever reason, U.S foreign policy to Haiti continues to show no remorse and seems resolved to enforce ill-formed policies that will continue to reinforce instability. This is all in the name of keeping PHTK in power for further destroying the country. If this is the State Department and the Biden administration’s ultimate goal, they will have to do it without our complicity.

We must identify and denounce all political party leaders dressing up in Jean-Baptiste Conze’s clothing. For too long we have been sold out by our politicians for petty returns that only benefit themselves without holding them accountable and making them pay a hefty price for their greed and betrayal. This time around, let all the Conzes sit at one table with the occupiers and let the patriots sit at the other table of dignity, free will, and prosperity. There will be but two political parties: The pro-Conze of cheap sellouts versus the real Patriots.

We support the various sectors that decline to join the formation of the de facto Ariel Henry CEP. We urge them not to buckle under the stress or coercion from the U.S Embassy to take part in any disingenuous electoral process with Merten, the Core Group or OAS as negotiators. It is a macabre déjà vu experience repeated too many times already. We certainly know where they stand and it is not for Haiti to become a better country for its entire people. An acceptable accord including all the real stakeholders has not yet been formed. The country is not short of talents, we cannot afford to recycle the same culprits of yesterday disguised as heroes of tomorrow. At this point we must remain strong and resist any temptation to continue to sell our dignity. The time is to rebuild our nation through “Union makes Strength” as prescribed by our ancestors. While we are not interested in playing any leading role in the Haitian government, going forward, it is absolutely crucial the Diaspora be engaged in any discussion pertaining to Haiti. President Biden publicly committed to this when he campaigning for the US presidency. The thirst of power put our politicians at a disadvantage where they cannot defend the nation’s interest. We need to stop this cycle by appealing to our most competent and honest brokers from the Diaspora and those in Haiti to do so in the most effective way.

We urge you to receive our patriotic salutations while we are leading the fight at your side.

Contact: HADiC.Diaspora@gmail.com